"Bedford" Summit

I have to show off my re-invented Bedford Summit. A while back I tried to paint my Summit so that it might be a tad unique. Of course the paint flaked off like crazy. So I sent it off to Darren Bedford who sand blasted it clean and did a wonderful, beautiful job of powder coating. While the frame was off to Canada I sent those ridiculous, ankle bitters cranks off to a machinist that knows unicycles and asked him to take the bite out of the cranks by taking more than a 1/4 inch off at the crank. I have a new trials uni that doesn’t require my Active Ankles. Also, those old cranks ate two of my favorite riding shoes, too!

Anybody want to buy some active ankles - say, $25?
E-mail me at: tommy@memphisunicycleclub.com


Here is a shot of the milled cranks. Sweeeeet.

Re: “Bedford” Summit

Do I have a funny way to ride or why I don’t smash my ankles on the cranks? I think I have never hit my ankle to a crank.

Wow, you’ve got one sweet trials uni now Tommy! Good thinking to go to Darren for the paint job. Plus I’m sure you are enjoying riding with your ‘newly trimmed’ cranks.

i have only heard of people hurting there ankles on the kh cranks i might be wrong.

Re: Re: “Bedford” Summit

I occasionally whack my left ankle when my foot slips slightly doing a drop or something. If the front foot tilts backwards it puts the ankle level with the nub, and if the back of the foot has moved over slightly it’s the nub that wins…

Having said that, the last time I whacked my ankle it was with a nub-less onza crank. I have no idea how I did that…


What I hated (past tense) was as I was launching down the stairway to hell and the nub would often (becasue of my poor form) lift my foot off the pedal. Or, I would often hit my toe on the nub. No doubt, it was my riding form that was causing half the pain. However, the other-half was a design that was not made for riders such as me.

I just came in from a short trials ride - sweeeeet - and no pain, no Active Ankles. I repeat, they are for sale.



Summit has the same cranks.

Nice ride. How much did the nub removal cost? I might want to try getting that done. The nubs are well annoying. Also, what did Darren charge for the powder coating? I don’t think I’ll be doing that, but it does look sweet.


Nice Tommy. No surprise to see the flames on it!

How much was taken off the cranks? What was the charge for nub removal?


Oops, I just saw your said 1/4" was taken off the cranks. Forget the question about how much was taken off.


High gloss Black powder coating was 23.00 US


Steve Howard did the nub removal but you’ll have to negotiate your own price with him. He posts here often. This forum is how I tracked him down. He does wonderfully detailed work.

Darren was awesome to work with. I had very little down time as the turn around time was very fast - especially considering that it was during the holidays.


Awesome Uni Tommy! as soon as I have the money I am going to buy a Yellow powder-coated frame and blue flame decals from Darren.
Tommy that is sad you had to have that done to your cranks…I have hit my Ankles exactly once…When I did a 5’ long jump over a sidewalk square and landed leaning slightly backwards so my feet shoved in towards the wheel and whacked the nubs.

Edit: Darren…Quick question…Does the Summit wheelset fit in the flat crowned frame you sell? (I know it fits in the Nimbus style frame)

Edit again: Tommy, Lower your seat! I think it would help you with trials. You keep all your seats entirely too high:D

The trials wheelset does fit in the flatcrown frame but doesn’t have the same side clearance as the Bedford 3" frame.
I recomment the 3" for trials.


The flat crown looks so much cooler…is one heavier/lighter?

Seat too high? No offense but I don’t think so. If I lower it any more I can hardly reach (down for) it and, besides, once you pull it out front it hardly matters. Perhaps you are remembering my seat height before I started hopping seat out-front. How long has it been since you rode with us? Hopping seat-out has changed everything and opend a new world of possibilities.

Eublapharis13, get well and come out and play with us!


Hehe…Well how high can you jump now?(oh and it’s about time you learned to jump seat-out):smiley:

Yes, your signature and your bantering does reflect someone that is 13. Spoken from someone 48. Talk to me about “how high” in 35 years.

The paint job looks awesome!

However, if I were you, I’d be much happier about the less harmful nubs. I too have a Summit, and I can’t stand the ankle jabbers. Although I just bought the 661 ankle biters and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal anymore.

I was really happy when I bought my KH24 last December, and it is a newer version with practically nub-less cranks.

I’m attaching a picture of my ankles after doing trials with my Summit last November… Ugh…

-Jess Riegel
(proud owner of a DOTCOM, www.unicyclejester.com !)