Bedford street bc vs. trials bc

compare, pros cons… i want to know whitch to buy

how do you do trials on a bc?

like more hopping

Trials bcs are stupid. It just makes everything all mushy and bad. Plus, compression doesnt do shit for hopping. Bmx bc ftw.

so get the street one. is it just as strong?


whats the point of a trials bc

to confuse noobs buying a bc.

edit: well it was so that you would have a higher volume tire, but now that there are more tire options for BMXs that make getting a trials bc pretty pointless.

is what i thought.

To make landing drops easier.


i faced this same problem when getting a b.c wheel and ended up getting the bedford with pro platforms even though i wanted the trials (i didn’t get the trials because it’s $100 more) when i was talking to darren about this he said the trials had a better hub that used ball bearings in it? this makes it spin better also the wider tire on the trials makes it easier to learn.

you’re not comparing equal products. the pro street is the equivilant of the trials bc. the trials and the pro street have a better hub than the basic model, which is what you bought. and you can just buy a bigger tire for yours so that it’s the same as a trials bc, and you’ll have many more to choose from rather than two or three for a trials bc.

I think the trials has a 19 inch rim and that’s the big difference

Oh, i always wondered what the difference was. :smiley:

Well that makes sense. :smiley:

Smaller BC’s wobble more at high speeds. I’d get the pro street and a 20G tire ( if I were you. Then you’d get the best of both worlds- bouncy tire, strong hub and rim, and slightly larger wheel.