Bedford Spencer Cartoon

I kinda suck at resizing pics, I think I made it a little too small but you get the point:)


that is total awesomeness

Thats awesome, makes you look like a super hero, and about a foot taller :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… Your famous now!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
It is pretty cool; I wish I was good enough to have a cartoon made of me…:smiley:

You look awesome! Go, BC wheelers! I don’t think I can ride a BC wheel anyways…

Yeah that really does make you look older…

Can you do handplants like that? (or handplants at all for that matter)

What’s up with your left hand?

It’s broken, that’s how hard core he is.

That just seems to be the artist’s style, if you look at the other pictures their hands are similar.

thats an awesome cartoon!

i want one of me!

Your wrap is on the wrong leg?

:smiley: AWSOME:D

hahahahahaha, yep

yeah, like 20-22ish

Haha, it is. I didn’t think anyone else would notice.

If they don’t suspect anything, then they won’t know hahahaha. But still very nice work spence:D

HAHHAHAH YUS!!! And like 5 years older :smiley:

I’m a detail nazi.

Great art! But not enough hair.

My hair looked about that length in the pictures that I sent to Darren.

It even took me a while to notice.

But if the artist had put it on the other leg you wouldn’t notice it, and its certainly become a bit of a tradmark item for Spencer.

I would have noticed it.