Bedford/Profile 24" Muni

Hey Everyone!

At this point my knees are too sore for MUni any more. So my ride is up for sale.

Bedford frame (automotive black 3 layers clear coat),
Vee Racing 3" tire installed (30% tread) ,
Alex double wall rim,
Sun Ringle (16 pin) pedals,
KH Gel saddle,
Bedford seatpost and 3bolt clamp, (clamp not pictured)
Profile hub 165’s.
*Unmounted Gaz 3.0 tire included.

I bought the unicycle used from a guy who spent $1,200 Canadian including upgrades then I customized myself.

I was once a regular on here, but for those who don’t remember me here’s a brief bio of my riding. I used My KH20 05 and brother’s 24KH 04 for most of my extreme/hard riding. By the time I built up this uni I was already in quite alot of knee pain. So max drops on here are 5 feet onto sloped landing. Maybe 8 feet onto loose dirt/gravel a few times. Mostly it was used by me for cross country/four wheeler trails riding.

$600 (500USD) negotiable.

once again, sorry man. But profiles are a dying breed…id say you get 2 to 300 for that max.

ISIS is the future, dont feel bad we all got caught up in the profile hype…
But there is a good side, if they ever break you get a lifetime warranty!

Probably the worlds last 3.0 Gazz though :stuck_out_tongue:

Price negotiable if someone wants a solid unicycle!


Would you pay shipping fees?