bedford prices and Norco

does anyone know how much the bedford light duty trials uni is? the bedford site has no prices :frowning: and does anyone know where to buy Norco uni’s?

this shows info for bedford bc’s

and that shows for norco uni =p

both of those are older links but its almost 3am here and im too lazy to look up anything =\

Bedford doesn’t have a website catalogue, as he seems to give all his customers “special” deals on prices. Most people search the forum to work out what he is selling and how much it might cost.


Just before Christmas I sent an email asking about the light duty trials that’s $200 on the website

the bedford light is 200cad plus shipping…or you can get it witha KH seat for 50 extra bucks.

For Bedfords Price List go to: and download the PDF pricelist!

You can get norco’s at local bike shops although I have only heard of them being sold here so I don’t know if most bike shops have them or not.

ok thanks a lot everyone. Those pics were great.

fyi…most lbs in north america are waiting on the norco m-uni to be in stock…i checked for one today and the guys called 5 other stores and they were all out of stock until late march.

o ok thats a lot for the info.