bedford price list

i know this is kind of a wasted thread but has anyone noticed that the price list wont work? and does anyone know how much the bedford trials bc is in USD?
thanks in advanced

gilby: delete this. i got it to work

I noticed that the prices seem VERY high, compared to even UDC.

That’s cause they are in Canadian Dollars, not USD.



So what’s the conversion? $1 USD = _____ Canadian?

1 Cad = 0.877809 Usd
1 Usd = 1.1392 Cad

also some of the stuff is better quality.

i understand the hnd built stuff but usually you can find everything alot cheaper.
-for instance, a hand made pair of bc plates i can understand will cost me about 80 usd, thats worth it
-but some other stuff is over priced

The wonders of the free market - you can shop where you want to.

I personally love the service Darren has given me for the 2 unis that I’ve purchased from him. I like being able to pick up the phone and chat with the person putting together my ride if I have questions about it before it ships.

I’m more than happy to pay for that extra level of attention.

After all that, add to the list a quality product.

It depends what you are looking at. Some of Darren’s stuff is cheaper than UDC. When I get stuff from Darren its more personal than with UDC.

yeah i agree