bedford on ebay

anyone seen this ?

looks pretty nice for what it’s at already…

That new :smiley: … looks to be a 20" though …

Suprized no specs.

Mint Bedford trails frame; gloss balck. Profile hub and cranks(145mm) on a Monty rim and trials tire. New Odessey Jim Clinski Bmx pedals(extra pins included). Miyata seat with white front handle. Odessey seat clamp.

Isn’t that enough. you’ll be amazed what reading will learn ya’.

I assume there’s no warranty on the Profiles, eh?

i’m actually not selling it so i wouldn’t know for sure but i think profile warrunties only work for the original owner of the unicycle…

I don’t know what is up with this guy. He sold me a KH, and then a nice muni(hunter, profiles, alex, maggies) was sold to someone else a week later. All of the stuff is new “only rode it twice” and, judgin my KH, he’s not lying.

Yeah I was going to ask if it was the same guy who sold you the KH. Its seemed like the same guy by his style of listing and saying goodies. I really cant see someone buying a $400+ unicycle then selling that fast and more then once.

you sure about that?