bedford light duty

i just ordered one of these…anyone got a review or some bad/good news about it?

dude they are sweet… there is very little tire to frame clearence tho…

im not to worried about clearnce of the frame…im canging the frame to one i currently have and using the flat crown frame on mu freestyle. the bedford will be strictly for trials and maybe a little street(crankflips,grinds) use.

hey just wondering if you got it yet?

nope but darren just sent me an e-mail…it should be here teysday or wednesday:)

did he e-mail you at around 9 pm on saturday night???

nope it was this morning…whay do you ask?

i donno cuz i got a e-mail from him at that time… and if i was right u would think i was SUPER smart… but i was wrong…

oh well it should be here tommorow…im stoked…i can finally start doin real trials like stuff.

yay its here…it s a beauty

I ordered one on Sunday! I’m rocking in my chair for it to get here. I kept ripping pedals loose in alluminum cranks, and hopefully this will be enough of an upgrade for a while without the price of splines. I’ll review it after a while when it gets here.

you definately wont regret buying iti love mine already and ive not even riden it yet…i can wait to though.

I got it the other day, and definitely recommend it for those starting out/going towards trials riding, and for those with a budget looking for durability in a muni/trials/freestyle cycle. If you are going to drop more than a few feet, do indeed upgrade the hub and cranks to something splined, because I’ve already bent my cranks with a lower than chest-high drop, and I weigh 136lbs. This is an excellent cycle, however, because you have that upgrade option (it’s made with all the same parts as the Bedford Hardcore, minus the splines,) and if this will hold you over, go for it. I’m happy with mine.

The Luna is great, too. Strong sidewalls and good tread. I haven’t even used the cheap seat it came with, I am just using my old Kris Holm seat (I’d like a gel,) and I took the quick release post clamp off of my broken United to replace the three allen jack it came with. That works well.

Oh, and the Wellgo’s are the best. Not as shinsmashy- as BMX metals, and grippier and more durable than regular plastic cheapo’s.

whats on the bedford hardcore??

i dont have bedford hardcore…but the hard core is just the bedford trials but it has profiles…

Hey is that the 200$ one? like the trials one?
I’v been wanting that one!But i cant find any pics :angry:

If you wouldn’t mind, could you take a pic of it and the frame:)
I would truly appreciate that!:smiley:

                                             Thanks alot!

yeah i got some pics…it is the 200 dollar one that i have but i cahnged the seat which is an additional 50 bucks but its worth it

ok there it is…enjoy!

IMAG0007.bmp (288 KB)

Is the hub on it tappered?
And is that tape on the saddle :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: lol
Why is the stock saddle on it poop?

Oh and i forgot to mention if you had any front view of the unicycle so I could take a look of the crown thats on it:D Thanks again!