bedford light duty

i need areview of the bedord light duty trialsuni. im planning on getting it but amd a little skeptical about it. i am just getting into trials and weigh about 200lbs. how much of a pounding will this thing take from me. i kno i should get splined but i really dont have the money right now.or if you guys can recomend anything else within that price range(220 canada) that would be great.

If you can muster up $307 CAD you can get an 06 torker dx

We got my brother a non splined trials uni for $180 CAD from a local bike shop (they come from a montreal supplier “lambert cycles”)… any non splined will probably perform the same. Here’s a pic of it:

how much of a drop can the cotterless hub take?

Not much from someone weighing 200lbs.

^ tru.

If you plan on practicing once or twice a week, and are half-decent at trials, a non-splined setup is going to break really, really fast. I weight about 135, and my crap (however much I might love it, it’s not a strong unicycle by any means) norco bent on a badly landed 1.5ft jump to dirt. If you can’t get splined now, save up the extra money and buy splined, because it will pay for itself in the end.

thats funny cuz my norco learner with a 2.1 tyre on i ahs take 1
ft drops to flat concrete