Bedford light duty trials

I can’t find any pix of the Bedford light duty trials uni:(. I also would like to know if i can get one in Michigan.

i’m wondering if it’s splined…

Yes, you can get one in Michigan.

Nope, it’s not.

don’t get it. They’re shit. Hop on the cranks a few times and they’re bent.

Drat! no splined cranks!?!?!
what’s the least expensive one they got with splined cranks?

can you get a dx?


Yeah, I can. But I don’t know where i can get the new 2007 frame. I’ve heard lotsa stuff bout the seat tube snapping so i want the beefed up one. I’m gonna try my LBS today and see if they can get me one.

since when??? i have done 4 foot drops on them and they are fine…

non splined unis are underrated…

To someone who wieghs 2 pounds :roll_eyes:

Well, back in calgary, three riders have gotten the trials; mark, alex, and some dood. Mark did a few hops and a no bigger than two feet, and a week later of minimal riding, the hub was completely twisted.
Alex, who is very new to the sport, is starting to twist after roling down curbs.
The other dood broke it off two and a half feet.

Alex and Mark have emailed bedford, asking why the hub was such shit and he never replied. If bedford reads this, he can be pretty sure that growing unicycling community in calgary will not be buying from him. I now suggest koxxone, not bedford.

In topic with bedford, I find his emails to be incredibly annoying. I sent him an email with some questions, and I made it quite clear that I would be buying. He answered only three of the six questions, and his answers were not very satisfactory.

they must be a little obese then


no there not, mark is 160lbs and alex is 150lbs.

Cotterless cranks suck unless you have good form. I have managed 4-5 foot drops on my 20 inch sun, but thats with good form.

I have two friends with LXs and both are bending the hub and cranks from doing 1 and 2 foot drops.

Dont expect much of something called ‘light duty’ its just not gonna work.

And its not Darrens fault, its your fault for expecting a cotterless hub and crank to hold up. Darren is great, and has done wonders with his shop.

About the e-mail, he always e-mailed me as soon as he can, he is a busy man, and doesnt have time to get on a computer at all time during the days, or weeks. He does a lot of organization work for other unicyling convention. Also, are you sure you clearly asked the question? Maybe they were clear to you, but didnt make much sense to him.

Besides, Darren has some of the best items for unis out there, specially with his BC wheels.

Best thing about the Light duty trials uni, is that it is a trials uni, with a trials frame, rim, and tire, so once you get past the beginners area of trials, and start bending your cranks and hub, you can upgrade for pretty cheap for a splined hub and pop it right in there. =p

i hate it when people get mad that their non splined cranks and hub get damaged. they are not made for that kind of riding. it’s not darren’s fault. it does not mean that bedfords are “shit”. use the proper equipment for the type of riding you plan on doing. get a hub and cranks that are made to withstand drops and hopping. dont act so surprised when cotterless stuff gets damaged, when it is used for abusive riding.

I would expect a “trials unicycle” to be able to withstand a few hops. He could have put a much much stronger hub on the wheels for only ten bucks (I had one of these on my norco, it lasted a long time).

I asked him on e-mail, how much it would be for shipping to calgary and a few other questions. It took me a few more emails, restating my question that he finaly answered it. From what I have, and heard of, Darren is not very good.

I would go with a splind unicycle

yes definatly unless your doing smaller things…

i have the bedford light duty. its good. now im not saying its the best uni but its meant for lightpeople like under 90 pounds

ya…sounds about right…But if you were 85 lbs or something you could probably twist the axle of a 5 footer.