Bedford Light Duty trials uni?

anyone have a Light Duty trials unicyclefrom Bedford. I want an idea of the specs and what it looks like and everything.


P.S. obviuosly im looking for a trials unicycle. Tips allways wanted;)

Nimbus 20" trials is probably the best begginer cycle out there. I really like it I do some big drops, still haven’t bent it. Also its a great price, and comes with a nice tire and a nice frame and a nice seat.

Email or call Darren, if you want specs on his stuff. He gives you pretty unbiased information, and he’s always helpful.

ok thanks


Can you post it when you get it?

once i get my unicycle ill post it… im not sure if im ogoing to get it though

matters what kind of stuff it has on it

Sorry, I meant can you post the specs.

Is it splined or cotterless?

I think its cotterless but I aint sure…

It’s pretty cheap, aint it? It’s probably not splined…

ok thanks guys