Bedford Has Cokers

I was talking to Darren, and he has Cokers in stock.

While not Airfoil, this batch has alloy rims, not steel!

Time to get your Coker in time for Cleveland :smiley:

He said price was (give or take, get exacts from him) about $525cd, or because american orders are cheaper for him, you are looking at roughly $350us shipped (that’s with the viscount and plastic pedals, methinks)


aw man that sounds like awesome hmmm too bad i wont have more money till the summer…stupid seasonal job! o well ill try l8er

so is the airfoil or the steel rim better? I’m going to need to buy a new rim for my Coker sometime soon(ish) so…

Airfoil, steel is the stock rim. But apparently not stock in this case.

the airfoil would be the strongest, I’m suret

After yesterday’s awesome Coker ride (my first) I have bumped the Coker near the top of my unicycle to-get list.

I have a few questions on the Bedford Alloy Coker. I understand that contacting him directly would be the best way to get most of the information I need, but I figure I’d check here first for an objective opinion.

Have any of you bought or rode this cycle yet?

How strong is the alloy rim compared to the stock steel rim and the air foil?

Is the rim strong and smooth enough to run a brake?

Is it really only 350 USD? When I ran the Canadian price through a currency converter it came out to 427 USD.


Steel was stock, but the new stock rim is alloy

I have bought one from him. It is due in this week. It was $350 shipped until I had him weld on Magura brake mounts true the wheel and then powdercoat it black. The total shipped cost was $440. Darren says the alloy rims are very good. I’ll let you know what I think when it gets here.
LET IT BE SOON :slight_smile:

Anyone know if the new alloy stock Coker rim is double walled?

Someone needs to post pictures of this new rim and other details about the new rim.

I’ve got a coker with the new rim. However I wouldn’t know how to tell if it’s double walled, nor do I have a digital camera so can’t tell you if it’s double walled or post any piccies of it. Aren’t I a useful person to know.


I’ll try and get some pics up when it gets here.

I’m going to check out Darren’s website, that should have all the details. Should have photos too.

Whoa whoa whoa! Darren Bedford has a website now? Perhaps you meant his pictures on

what is the sight with the pictuers of the new uni?

Whatever you do don’t buy a steel rim if you plan on riding in snow, rain or mud. It will rust.

Whatever you do don’t buy a steel rim if you plan on riding in snow, rain or mud. It will rust.