Bedford Hardcore Monty Trials

Does anybody own or have pictures or any thoughts about the Bedford 20" Hardcore Monty Trials. I’m going to get it from darren but his site is under construction or something so I only know it’s name and how much it costs. ANy information would be very helpful. Do you think it holds up well, etc.



I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, This is a killer unicycle. Anyone in Canada, who wants to get in to trials (seriously) Should buy this unicycle. It has the time-tested Profile Cranks, A miyata Saddle, a Monty rim and tire, and it’s only 925$ CAN! Which is a lot less than what you’d end up paying for a similar unicycle from (with the shipping and brokerage)

It’s got main caps, a cromoly frame (chrome plated), profiles, Miyata saddle, Wellgo pedals, and a host of other goodies such as a triple bolt seat clamp.

I really like my “Hardcore Trials” and it’s been beaten upon for 100s of rides, and the only sign of wear is a few scratches.

Hope that this helps anyone interested in purchasing this unicycle.