Bedford Hardcore 20" Street Unicycle

It is time for me to let go of my baby. This is a great all around unicycle! I used the unicycle for 1 season and kept it in VERY good condition. There are only minor scratches to the frame and seat post, none of which compromise the structural integrity of the frame. The tire is also like new, with barely any usage to the tread. The rim was recently trued and has no wobbles or soft spots. The peddles only have minor scratches and dents and still have all their pins and reflectors. All in all, there’s nothing wrong with it, I’m just moving away from the sport. I will let the specs do the rest of the talking:

Bedford 20" frame
Bedford seat post with 3 screw seat post clamp
KH Fusion saddle
Wellgo pedals
Profile hub and cranks
Alex DX32 Rims
Luna tire

Will also throw in extra saddle cover and 661 knew/shin guards for free.

I paid quite a bit for this package and will be looking for best offer. If I can’t sell it on here, then I will post it on e-bay.

Pictures are also available upon demand. Send me a message with your e-mail and I will gladly send detailed pictures of the unicycle.


hmmm sounds nice :smiley:

whereabouts are you at?

if only i had money lol interested but completely broke atm :frowning:

I’m located in Sudbury Ontario. I will pay half the shipping as well.

Just out of curiosity, How much are you asking?

I paid quite a bit of money for this unicycle (in the $800 range) and I’m asking for 500 Canadian with the extra parts included.

Helpful tip

You have to get some pics up or no one will agree to buy it on here (just trying to help out, you probly don’t know how to post pics on here huh). Unless you post price, pics, location, and shipping terms people will just endlessly talk about it.

Sorry to hear of your leaving the sport


do you know the crank lengths?
i have a profile hub… but i am not interested in getting cranks of the same length

The crank are 170 mm long.

Pictures can also be viewed on facebook at :

hehe thats insanely long.

170mm is crazy…

Unless you have changed the cranks, there is no way that those are 170mm. The standard length on the Hardcore was 145mm.

I also hate to add on to what everyone is saying, but unfornately this is all old technology and pretty much every part on the unicycle is out of date and has been replaced with something cheaper, and better in some way.

You would be lucky to get 300 for it. For about 360 you can get the Nimbus ISIS with Moments, which is better in every way than the Hardcore.

Unless you just never use it and don’t plan on it, I would just keep it for yourself.

Those look like 145’s, not 175’s.

Nice unicycle.


perhaps I don’t know how to measure the cranks. They don’t SEEM long to me and I never had any trouble with unispins or crank flips.

I haven’t been up with the uni scene as of late, so I really don’t know what a fair price would be for the unicycle. Suggestions anybody?

I think that Nathan’s suggestion of $300 is about right for what you might get for this unicycle. The Profile hub/cranks are both what makes this unicycle worth something and what will make it hard to sell. The rest of the unicycle is pretty standard and the DX32 is considered sort of skinny by todays standards.

There are a couple profile fans out there but they are a dying breed, hopefully you can sell this to one of them. Most of us would rather have the cheeper ISIS hub/crankset.

You measure cranks from the center of the axle to the center of the pedal spindle. There is no way that the cranks in those pictures are 170s I threw some on a 20 once and they were silly long. I was going to guess 150s because they looked similar to the length of my old trials setup but the others are probably right at 145.

with 170’s on a 20" wheelset, you can point the crank straight down and use the pedal as a kickstand and natural trials is cake w/ 170s

p.s. 300 sounds like a good price to me as well.