Bedford Hard Core

Who Can tell me more about the Bedford Hard Core Trials Uni, anything you know helps.

Thanks to all:) :slight_smile:

Uni Every Second:D

Darren Bedford can tell you anything about the bedford products. Send him an email at

Thanks for the Help

Uni Every Second:D

Get it !!!

You’ll love it if you’re doing trial…or even street:D it’s expensive, but it’s worth its 700 $ (CAN).

What was the question ?

Oh yeah ! Here are the parts :

-Kris Holm Fusion Gel Saddle
-Chromed steel seat post 25.4mm 300 mm (I think)
-Seatpost clamp with three bolts
-Bedford Frame
-Profile 36-hole hub with 48-spline axle
-Profile 145-mm splined cranks
-19 inch 36 holed Alex DX-32 double-walled rim
-Wellgos metal pinned pedals
-Maxxis 19 x 2.5 Creepy Crawler trials tire

There you go !

Hope it helps


Thanks for the help, thats just what I wanted to know. One more question: are profile hubs/cranks that much better than the KH moment cranks?

Uni Every Second:D

They’re about the same (I think, I’ve never own a KH), except that the Profile have a lifetime warranty.

In my opinion, the KH moments are way better.

They have a length I like a lot more(137)
they are ISIS(Work with other isis componentsz from different companys)
they are half as expensive as profiles
they look cooler in my opinion

profiles -

creak alot,
have a lifetime warranty on cranks.

mornish have you ever ridden profiles?


I’ve ridden 145s on a trials uni and 165s on a 24 by 3 muni.

the muni ones are ok, but I prefer 150s and they have a lot of Q factor.

for me the 145s on a trials uni are kindof awkward. They feel more like 150s and I don’t liek them.

IMO the profiles are great…But it can be a b*tch to get them to replace them if they becoem unridable. My friends was riding profiles on his BMX and bent them considerably and they said that they would only replace them in case of breakage and they would not cover the bends.

That being said profiles are great though they do require manintenace to keep them in yune…Theres a link in my sig that should guide you through it.