Bedford Girraffe Review?

I know, I know. Darren Bedford rocks the unicycle world. But, how’s he at the two-story jobs? Anyone have a review of a Bedford Giraffe? I’m about to buy one and want a little background.

I highly recommend the Bedford Giraffe. I bought mine last September, and although I’ve ridden it a fair amount, I’ve had no problems with it, except for a flat tire. I’ve been able to ride seat in front and seat in back without any frame-bending problems, and the frame is still straight despite the fact that I have dropped it many times. I haven’t tried any trials-type stuff on it, but I imagine you could take it off a curb without any problems. It varies in height depending on how tall you are; I’m a little over six feet tall, so for me, the seat is five feet seven inches off the ground. It’s definitely not a full six-footer, but unless you’re fairly short, it will be a good bit over five feet. I had Darren upgrade the tire to a Maxxis Hookworm, which has been very good for manuverability.

i dont own one but i have ridden my friends bedford and found it most enjoyable. its very strong aswell.i mounted no problem and i weight 230lbs. i would strongly suggest one.