Bedford freestyle unicycle

Hello all,

I am selling my Bedford 20" freestyle unicycle. Absolute mint condition.

  • Kris Holm Fusion Street saddle (black)
  • 22.2mm seatpost (chrome)
  • Triplebolt seatpost clamp (chrome)
  • Bedford freestyle shortneck frame (chrome)
  • Kenda 20 x 1.95 tire (orange)
  • Alexrims DX2418 doublewall rim 48 spoke
  • Suzue square tapered hub
  • 110mm cranks
  • MKS pedals (Kaori style)[/I]

Price: $210 OBO








closes mouth
thats awsome! i love the tire.
i would love to buy it but i dunno if my parents would let me have another uni. id have to ask. ill let you know.

Nice uni, like all the unis you have and you used to have it’s in mint condition! If I wanted a freestyle I would buy it:)


awe man…this sucks i really want it too, but my folks arent so wild about me havin 2 20" (this one and my trials). well im going to bedford tommorow. maybe ill try one of the freestyles there and see how i like it. if i do, then maybe i can save up my money this summer and practice more freestyle and maybe be able to get it in the summer :slight_smile:

This might be a dumb question but if this is still for sale, how much does it weigh.

This is just a guess, but it looks like it has less stuff then a Torker LX-20. According to a LX-20 =

Approx. cycle weight: 12 lbs.

Check their website maybe. I do not follow Bedfords stuff.

Yup, it’s still available. I’d say it weighs about 10-11 lbs…