Bedford frame upgrade?

I’m thinking of swapping out my heavy summit frame for a lighter (I think, inform me if i’m wrong) Bedford frame. I’m wondering first off if it will fit my Summit (KH) wheelset and if it will fit my seat post? Also I’m curious as to how strong they are. Will it be able to take jumping 7 sets and maybe bigger as I get better? Out of curiosity if you ride street what kind of frame do you have?


I use a 26" Profile muni frame for street. Other than it looking goofy, I have no complaints.

just out of curiosity why do you use a 26" frame

i use a 20" yuni frame

did you happen to get that frame from Steve D?

no,the Bedford frame uses a 22.2 seat post dia. and the Summits take a bigger 28.6 size or what-ever.

I believe Jess Riegel (hope I spelled that last name right) traded in his Summit Frame for a pink Bedford frame (hence the awesomeness of his trials uni and “Pink is the new black”) … so I think it’s safe to assume that it’s doable. Whether or not it’s worth it is a different matter.

EDIT - Sorry about that … the forums didn’t respond the first time I posted.

Yeah, I did. It’s fun having a different frame, but don’t expect amazing wieght differences. Bedford is lighter, but it’s not a huge amount. I think psychologically it will seem lighter, cause it’s new and not a Summit.

They are plenty strong, you can abuse them with 7 stairs and up.

Darren’s frames fit a KH wheelset just fine. Make sure to take the little metal rings off of the bearings first.

His frames do take a different size seatpost, 22.2. So you gotta change something- new seatpost, new seat. Best solution is probably to get a GB4 universal seatpost. It’s 22.2, and will fit Kh configuration, or miyata. It has a nice little angle to it, which the miyata seatposts don’t have. Plus, it’s pretty strong.

You should go for it if you’ve got some extra money you want to use to make your ride sweeter. If you don’t have the money for it, then you should probably just stick with the summit. Remember, you can always paint the summit. Or, an even easier way is to get a whole buncha stickers (hopefully free) and cover the entire thing. It will give a whole new look, and is removeable.

Good luck.


p.s. And yes, you spelled my last name right :slight_smile: You’re one of the few.

I ride street with a KH wheelset, a Bedford frame, and a Miyata seat and post.

My entire uni has held up fine for 4-stair jumping and ledges of the same height or higher. But really, what does your frame have to do with jumping sets? When you land the sets, all of your weight is on the wheelset. It’s as if the seat and frame aren’t even there until you sit back down on your seat to ride away. You could land the same sets with an ultimate wheel, if you had a way to jump them first. Of course, i’m sure a strong frame comes in handy when you screw up and land sitting down or have some other mishap that involves your weight coming down on the frame, so maybe that’s your concern. Either way, i’m sure the Bedford frame will do you just fine.

a few years ago, I got fed up with destroying those cheap square-taper cranks. My local bike shop was a profile factory dealer. Having no 20" trials unicycle with a profile axle available at the time, I asked the shop to call Profile to see if they would put a custom order a together.

I ordered a 20" frame, splined hub/axle, and 145mm cranks. after about 7 months of waiting, a 26" frame, splined axle built onto a 20" sun rhyno lite rim, and 145mm cranks arrived.

Profile was called, and a 20" frame would not be sent.