bedford frame, trials?

ive been looking for a new frame to upgrade my crappy torker. i found and saw a 20 in. frame for $36 (US). is it any good for trials? i alsow do a litle freestyle too.
it sounds like a good frame for cheap. i dont even know if i can order one yet. the site is not done yet.

your input would be helpful.:slight_smile:

What kind of torker do you have?I had the LX and thats definetly not good for trials because i broke the axle after 3 months but the DX is a lot better.

ask darren bedford. just call him or something. his phone number or email address is on the site i believe

Here is the contact info for Bedford Unicycles:


i have the lx. torker did a real suck-jobe on the cranks! i broke 4 cranks in the 4 months since i started uning.
thanks 4 the info

peace out, yo :sunglasses:

Correct me if Iโ€™m wrong but a new frame isnโ€™t going to help stop you breaking cranks. Stronger cranks, fatter tyre and better technique do that.