Bedford Frame 3"

Has anyone got a 3" bedford frame yet ,does it have brake stay’s ?What size seat post does it have??Does it look like the smaller frame?just wondering ??How much is it?



Darren is going to be bringing a number of the frames to the Bike Show on the 1st and 2nd of March (not sure if you’re able to come). Carl (muni_guy) is getting brake stays welded onto the frame he’s ordering, but it doesn’t normally come with them. Seat post is the same as the other Bedford frames, 22.2mm. It looks like a bigger version of the smaller frames, yes. $60.


It actually looks more like a YUni frame, with the little legs on the crown. The other Bedford didn’t have these

Pictures of the Bedford 3"!!!

Uhh, yeah, so I lied. Darren is getting powder coated 3" frames with and without brake bosses on Friday (he just emailed me).

Instead of creating a whole new thread, I may as well use this one to give my first impressions of the frame, which I picked up last Saturday morning (Feb. 8th).

Like Brian (Sofa) said, the crown is a little different than the freestyle frame, in that it has little posts sticking up at the top – great for resting your foot on. To see a picture of this and many others of the new uni, see my gallery here. I haven’t taken the time to seperate things out into sperate galleries, so there is a little disorganization – please bear with me.

It’s going to be hard for me to say a great deal on the specifics of the frame. This is the first MUni I’ve ridden, so I’m not sure how weight compares (haven’t weighed it yet either – Andrew, I’ll get around to that and post it on your thread). It seems to be fairly light; I’m not having issues with it either way.

It’s has a very nice width. I was actually expecting it to be a little bulkier, but Darren has been able to build it with a fairly unobtrusive profile (again, see pics). It fits both my Fireball and my 24x2.60" V-Stout mountain tire (which measures only 1/8" narrower than the Gazz) with about 1cm to spare on either side. There is a 3.5cm (1.5") gap between the frame and the top of the tire.

I haven’t actually had it out on any trails yet, so I can’t comment on its offroad feel. For trials it’s been very solid. I haven’t noticed any flex when hopping or dropping.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll try and comment more on it as I give it a better testing.