Bedford Flames

I just put some very fine Bedford flames on my MUni this weekend. The two sets of flames were a get-well gift that I received when I broke my leg and though I’m not quite at the point of riding the one wheeler yet I felt inspired to starting getting ready. :smiley:

So I put both sets of orange flames on my black Bedford MUni which looks pretty sweet given the orange DX rim… ah, for a digital camera at times like this…:frowning:

Anyways, I put one set on the outside of the frame and the other set inside, closer to the wheel. We’ll see how they hold up once I start riding and the MUni takes a few crashes on the trails but for now the flames are a fabo addition to my Bedford MUni

Anyone else dressed up their uni, Tuni, MUni, Coker, 29’er lately?


Really need that digi cam. I’d love to see those flames on the bedford.

I was thinking about getting the Bedford Flames for my uni. Then I had this great idea to make them out of reflective tape. I can get the tape at my LBS, which sells fishing supplies (the tape is used in big game fishing lures). I really want flames to match those on my tire (Nirve Badass).

The thickest tape they have is 1 inch. Can someone help me by drawing a flame less then one inch wide and about nine inches long. I would, but I can’t draw worth beans.

Or better yet, anyone know where I can get reflective flame decals?


I’ve put black ones on my trials machine one the outer side of the frame (chrome)- the parts (saddle, rim, hub/cranks etc) were black (so the flames are subtle and look pretty decent!) but I’ve got a saddle with yellow handle/bumper and yellow pedals and my new blck frame sould arrive soon, so I’m gonna put yellow ones on the inside!