Bedford "flamed frame"

how much does a bedford “flamed frame” (including flame stickers obviously) cost? im thinkin about makin a uni and im looking at prices. ne answers would be much apretiated

Oh and i 4got does ne 1 have ne i dea how or where i can get a 20 x 1.95 fireball is there a reliable bike site sumwhere? id really like 2 get 1 thanx

The best way to get info from Darren is by e-mailing him directly. His address is on the webpage at

See here…

My business is making stickers but id rather not because all unicyle frames are a little bit. bring your uni to a local sticker shop and they should gladly put it on.

please use real words!

no kidding

sorry guys I was in a bit of a rush when i posted my sister was kicking me off of the computer.