Bedford Downhill Mountain Unicycle Brakes

Bedford Unicycles now have custom Magura HS33 Hydraulic rim brakes designed for mountain unicycles.

Lots of shops sell Magura brakes…
Only Bedford Unicycles sell custom Magura brakes made for mountain unicycles.

They come ready to bolt on !

Stock brakes come with:
*Plastic lines,
*Stock black brake pads,
*A brake line long enough for the back of a bike,
*A cross over that dosen’t give enough clearance for 3" downhill tires,

Only Bedford Unicycles sells them the way they should be sold:

*With stainless steel lines,
*The brake line long enough for long legged riders but don’t need to be wrapped around the frame and seat post numerous times,
*The stainless steel cross over totally clears the 3" Gazz Downhill tire and any mud the tire picks up,
*With premium red brake pads,
These pads grip much better then the stock pads when you need them to and you can use them as an assist in long desends by adjusting the wheel on the brake handle

Buying brakes from Bedford Unicycles eliminates the need to spend additional money and do all the work required to convert them for unicycle use.
No need to buy and cut the stainless lines, upgrade the brade pads, change the lines, buy brake fluid and bleed the brakes.

Bedford Unicycles does all the work…
You just bolt them on and ride… The way it should be !!!

Bedford Unicycles also stocks 3" frames with brake mounts. Either post or double bolt mounts.

Inquire for more info…


prices, my man! These sound GREAT!

Brakes are 225.00 Canadian or 170.00 US
(at current exchange rate)

E-mail orders to:


this sounds like a good it true that the steel line is super spendy?

will the brake levers come in black or the silver?

It’s about time!

Sounds like you got it exactly right. Do you have any pictures? I have several brakes setup like this (on muni and coker). Here are some photos for those who are interested. Does it come with the “dually lever” too? I like the green pads better than the stock black ones.

I went to steel braided when I had the misfortune of damaging my plastic line hopping on some rocks. I must say that a Magura on a Coker is great for steep downs, so you can actually keep some momentum.


I don’t know what “spendy” is.

I have both black and silver brakes and handles.


Darren, you are the man. Speaking as someone who has done all that cutting of stainless steel lines and ordering extra to make a tall enough U to get over the 3" Gazz, I say THANKS! After 2 years of hard use. my Muni brake is leaky and blown out, so I’m ordering a new one from you.



You can check out a couple pictures at:

Look at the end of the November listing for 2 pictures.

Look forward to seeing you in Toronto in the spring for the 24 hour event.


Re: It’s about time!

I thought the green pads were designed for wet conditions. And that they collect grit in them really quickly, which wears out your rim…


Have you told that they are doing it all wrong? I think they deserve to know if they are selling inferior brake hardware. I disagree that you are the only one selling a cross over that gives enough clearance for 3" downhill tires.’s brake crossover thingies clear 3" downhill tires, I’ve seen them on both the Duro and the Gazzaloddi. With a bit of good communication, it could be only Bedford,,,,, and any other specialised Unicycle shops who sell custom Magura brakes made for mountain unicycles, the way they should be sold! They cost a bit more, but it sounds like the extra price is worth it.

Well after these other posts I should speak up and say that I do all this too according to customer requests. If someone wants stainless, I put it on; if not that’s fine too. Not all customers, however, want to spend the extra USD$45 or so per brake for stainless cables. The main line length is highly uni- and leg-length dependent, and it would be a shame to purchase a brake with a main line that was too short. The brake pad thing is truly up for grabs. The reds are designed for bike trials and are very grippy – too grippy for most uni applications, where the true problem is modulation, not grip. Red doesn’t imply “premium”, or an “upgrade”, it is simply a pad designed for a different application. It costs more only because the pad material is obtained by Magura from a different source (it is the same material as the material in the Koolstop pads). I’m currently experimenting with the gray pads myself, which are designed for anodized rims like the Airfoil, in contrast with the black, which is actually designed for polished rims. Finally, I have experimented extensively with using the lever adjustment knob as a drag brake and it simply isn’t that practical. It takes way too many finger motions to engage and disengage, which is not suitable for real-world riding conditions. I am working on alternatives.

I don’t think that Darren has any obligation to inform other sellers, though, of his opinions on brake requirements; it’s up to us to experiment with our own time, energy, and money to improve our products.

Finally, most uni riders with Maguras will want to be able to do minor servicing, if they do the other servicing their uni requires. This means they will need to be able to replace and trim cables and bleed and adjust the brake.

I agree, of course Darren is not obligated to inform the competition, but if he is onto a good thing then it would be a nice gesture for him to share the knowledge. When someone uses the internet to find a good unicycle, chances are they will end up at or one of it’s partners. I think that it is a pity they don’t always display the best products available, and they might need help in finding what is best.

You see they may be scouring and searching, but they are so busy selling Unicycles they might overlook some things. I am quite happy with the service I have had from and, and as a loyal customer I think they would appreciate some feedback from time to time about possible improvements to the equipment they sell. Since I am no Magura expert I am not the best person to inform them, which is why I made the suggestion for Darren to. If I bought a Unicycle with Magura brakes, I would like to at least know that there is a stainless cable option before investing in an inferior cable.

So out of the standard black pads and the red Koolstop pads which would be better on a Coker? I’ve got a pair of each and am currently running the Koolstops. I can feel the join of my Airfoil rim going past with every revolution when the brakes are applied. Would the black ones be any better or should I just get the sandpaper out and start sandin’?


Just say no to sigs

The best way for a company to get good feedback and improve is from loyal, keen customers like yourself! At the shop here we have a young (late teens) customer who is really keen on downhill bicycle racing; he is the best informed fellow in the state, I’d bet. Conversations with him are a real education, and he helps keep us up with the state of the art. And some solid competition will just help get even better.

For typical Coker riding (not hard trials), the black would be better. Nearly all people, including expert riders, who have tried my Coker with black Magura, have found the brakes “Whoa! very grippy!”, indicating that they were having trouble getting used to the stopping power. Although this is a partial indication that they could use some more practice with them, it is also an indication that an even grippier pad (red) would be too much. The real value in a non-trials uni brake is how well it can be used in very subtle ways, called modulation. The value in a trials brake is how quickly and easily it can be used to stop the wheel cold and keep it from slipping.

For the best performance with a rim from the older batch some light filing and sanding in the weld area on both sides, then brush-up with steel wool, will make a big difference.

I use black on my Coker and yes it works perfectly. I didn’t really like black on the muni and find green works better at least with my rim (very abused Avro Zum DH Eliminator). If Darren wants to ship with red, that’s fine with me - I can always change brake pads.

Back on our trip to Mexico in 2001, Kris was using a special type of Magura pad: clear. They are sort of translucent white. He said they were awesome for Muni but very hard to find. Anyone know anything about these?


They may have been the monty trials pads. i use them for bike trials. they are Clearish but turn brownish over time. it’s a crude looking square piece of polymer adhered to a molded plastic magura base.

i beleive they are called monty milk pads.
another excellent pad is the yellow plazmatic pads. these are made of harder rubber and would probably offer great modulation on the right rim. both are made to snap onto maguras.

both used to be available at and

Hey Darren,

I was wondering if you would offer a retrofit service on someone’s used magura set up? This would be retrofit from plastic lines to steel and if so, how much might it cost.

This idea was spur of the moment, so I haven’t called the LBS’s in my area, but my guess is that it might be hard to locate a LBS that does this work and has the steel cable in stock. So, maybe mailing might eliminate a lot of hassle.

Note, it isn’t something I need to do right now.


hey darren,

are these still available? i dont see them mentioned on your price list and do you have Universe II yet?


Darren, Do you have any pictures of the Bedford Air seat?

Yes, I have lots of brakes in stock.
Black or silver.

I will have the DVD’s in a couple days.

I will have a new price list next week.
LOTS of new items will be available next week !!!
Watch for posts on them.

Got your order for both, Thanks.

You can see a picture of the seat here:

They have a lightweight metal base with a full rubber cover. The rubber wraps around the bottom lip and makes a nice smooth edge. Won’t bite like Miyata’s do.
Good for freestyle or distance.
No handle for off-roading.

Foam filled is 30.00 Canadian / 23.00 US
Air seat is 45.00 Canadian / 35.00 US