Bedford Downhill Mountain BC wheel


Ryan Atkins called and asked for a BC wheel he could ride in the snow… here it is:

Look under frames and stuff 4, last 5 pictures.

Watch for action shots and video soon !!

Price is 295.00 Canadian / 225.00 US


I think I’ll have to try making a BC-wheel next summer…:slight_smile:

Looks great except that grip tape won’t be much use in the snow and ice. Pins, pins, pins…


I will be making larger platforms for the off-road BC wheels to fit boots.
Those are all I had in stock right now.

He had no problem at all riding it. Even the first jump was smooth ! I thought the tread on the sides of the tire would grab his pants and throw him off. Not at all. What a rider, unreal.

The new platforms will have either bolts or pins threaded in from the bottom of the platform.


That’s great, Darren. I saw UII at Tim’s Wheeljam and there was some good BC riding there! I saw how the bolts could be of use. Yes, an unreal rider.

Did someones toe want a piece of the fame too? :wink: haha

irene irene irene…

The Off-road BC riding was a blast.

Alot of fun, and alot of speed. i’m going to try it out on trials when i get the chance. For now, tobboganning hills will have to do.