Bedford Coker Frame and UDC wide hub

Are Bedford Coker frames and the UDC wide hub compatible? :thinking:
I asked Darren and he doesn’t stock those hubs. He said others have told him they work but to double check. I have an email out to UDC waiting to get answered but I thought I’d ask here too.

Thanks folks!

Well it would make sense that neither Darren or know because darren wouldn’t carry a hub and wouldnt carry a bedford frame. I have not tried it but my guess is that you might have to bend the frame legs out a little but I know people have done that and it has worked with other frames.

I don’t think Bedford makes a 36" frame. UDC would know they are both dealing with the same frame. I’m pretty sure it works with a cold stretch.

Bedford has the frame but don’t carry the UDC hub so he doesn’t have a ready answer for me. UDC has the hub but don’t carry Bedford frames so the same situation applies. They emailed me back with the recommendation to ask Bedford.

Really I’m trolling for folk that have some hands on with that frame and hub to provide some feedback about it.

Thanks though

I just ordered a frame from darren (he powdercoated it and put on hydraulic brake mounts for me) and ordered the UDC airfoil wheelset. I emailed UDC and they said that the stock frames (what darren sells) will fit the airfoil wheelset. A number of people here have mentioned simply separating the frame legs a little to get it to fit right. I have both the wheelset and the frame, but I am moving back to college tomorrow so I am not putting it together till later this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.