Bedford Bc For Sale!

hey guys,

i bought this BC wheel about a year ago and ive lost interest in it (and i need the money for a trials bike).

Tire-almost new LUNA tire
rim- yellow alex DX 32
plates-bedford long plates(some scratches on bottom of plate from grinding)
hub- heavy duty with big axle(not sure what kind but I assume its pretty strong)

over all its in 9/10 condition

Willing to let this $300 BC wheel go for $175 USD/OBO plus shipping.

let me know if your interested.

Let me be the first to ask, “Where are the pictures?”

ok, ill get some up

p.s.- a picture is my avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

here is some pictures of my BC for sale…

FOR SALE! 032.jpg

FOR SALE! 034.jpg

FOR SALE! 035.jpg

Still for sale? Any idea how much shipping would be to Centeral Maine?

i really want a bc wheel…i think ill wait til’ spring to buy one though.

Then why did you post in this thread? Hes trying to sell it; hes not asking how many people don’t want to buy it. Riley, my apologies for bringing this even further off topic.

lol its alright haha

if anyone interested just let me know (sorry i forgot i posted this!)

Sockmonster, just tell me your address/area code and ill let you know how much it would cost for UPS.

wow, i thought someone would want it.

dropping the price to $150, lowest ill go.


umm i could buy it if u put it on ebay, my mom doesnt want me mailing money to random people naot that i dont trust you…

we could use a safer method like paypal or a money order.

150$!!! i cant belive no one wants this. its a almost brand new 300 dollar BC tha im selling for 150 dollars!

I no and I dont have enough money!

how much for just plates, or dont you want to piece it out?

Beat me to it… :frowning:

plates ill let go for 80. on the bedford website they cost 90 and these are perfect.
and the wheel alone would be 70


if you guys can come to an agreement to buy the wheel and plates, so im not left with bits and pieces ill piece it out.

OK guys. drop price down too 150.

ill trade it for a 29"er or a 36"er.
ill add money too, it if needed.

Hey sorry to brring this off topic but why doesnt have any pictures of the merchandise?? they just have a price list.


it used to be 175. just refrasing it.

they have pictures. you just gotta ask.


o ok