Bedford AIR-Seat

How does the riding comfort of the Beford AirSeat compare to that of the miyata. Is the cushioning basically the same. And does anyone know if the base or frame plate or whatever of the seat has the strength to stand up to the reeder handle, or if the reeder handle will even fit onto it?

Is it a issue of less comfort or durability or is it just the brand which makes it $50USD less than the miyata airseat on

Oh come on now someone at least respond and say something on or off subject…I hate when start a “loser” thread!

Okay, here’s something. Where can I get the pricelist for Bedford equipment? I’d never heard of Bedford airseats before, but at $50.00 cheaper, this is a pretty good deal.

This is what Darren emailed me a while ago when I asked him about the air saddle:

that was a while ago, so I don’t know if anything has changed. You might want to contact Darren directly.


The price list is at it doesnt have pictures on it but its still allright you can get them off of another webpage i think which i do not know. He said you can get the seat with foam or an airseat…the airseat being 45USD. I just wanna find someone whose used it before, to get the specs.