bedford air seat

i was just wondering about the bedford air seat… is it kind of like the miyata style air pillow or is it an actual seat? and will it fit on viscount?

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The Bedford air seat is a Bedford seat that has already been converted. Just bolt it on and ride.
It is a complete seat, not just a cover.
Stock seat is 30.00 Canadian, 22.00 US
Air seat is 45.00 Canadian, 33.00 US

It has a lightweight metal base with a full rubber cover. It has a tube inside with the valve coming out the bottom for easy inflation.
Great for freestyle and cruiser unicycles.

I also have Rock’s seat covers and airbags.
After many prototypes and testing, they are now ready to use.
These are used to convert Miyata seats to an air seat.
Rock’s covers are much better than Roach covers.
Rock’s covers use a thicker ballistic nylon and have an awesome fastening system. They also have a double layer of material in the rear for better wear protection.

Rock’s covers are only available from
Bedford Unicycles.

If you have any other info, let me know.