Bedford 29er XC with Big Apple

can anyone give me a good review for this uni. is it good for light off road riding and how is the speed? is there a better tire for this uni or does the Big Apple reign supreme?

I have a bedford 29 XC with the Kenda Klaw on it. I really like it, I have the 127 mm cranks. If you are doing offroad I would actualy suggest getting some 150 mm cranks as I’m finding mine arent quite long enough when i’m trying to go uphill slowly or from a start which is similar to what you would be doing when you are mounting on rugged terrain.

I would highly recomend the Kenda Klaw but I have never used the big apple so I cannot say which would be better.

ok thanks i just sent you a PM but i guess that was kinda usless now wasnt it?

You asked a couple other questions in the pm that I didn’t ask and I figure here is a more useful place to answer them.

Unfortunatly I have yet to time myself so I have no idea how fast I go but I’m guessing from basic rides I have done that I average about 15 Kmph and on clean roads I have definatly gone much faster than that so probably about 20 Kmph (again these are based on guesses in time based on song length).

It was $340 with shipping to Ottawa, and a KH fusion gel seat.

Also it came with a really really nice quick release seat post clamp that actualy works (compared to the other one I had on my trials :angry: .)

I forgot to mention that It came with a KH rim.