bedford 29 xc?

does anyone know anything about the bedford 29 xc? I am thinking of ordering one but not until I know more about it.

just curious why do you want a 29er? you could get a sun 28 for cheaper and its still strong. a bedford 29er would probably cost more or roughly the same as a 36" from somewhere else. i dont know.

The bedford 29 is 305 canadian, with tax it is 350, plus shipping to ottawa (not much from Toronto).

The basic cheap coker on is 537 with tax and shipping but not including border fees which on my 35 dollar 661’s was 30 bucks. so the price difference is about 232 dollars.

As much as I would like to have a coker, I just dont have the money to get one, and I would really like a decent offroading big wheel.