Bedford 2006 Halloween Sale

Hello unicyclists…

I have had many requests asking about the Bedford Halloween sale this year so I thought I would post some info.

Here is what will be on sale for one day only… October 31st 2006:

2005 KH29" unicycles - only 479.00 US !
2005 KH24" unicycles - only 475.00 US !

2007 KH Street seat - only 45.00 US !
2007 KH Freeride seat - only 45.00 US !

These seats are available in 6 colors - red/black/yellow/green/orange/blue

Here is your chance to pick up a great unicycle or the lastest Kris Holm seats to upgrade your current unicycle at a discounted price !

Shipping is the actual cost to your front door.

Here is how to order:

Put HALLOWEEN SALE in the description line
Provide me with your name/address/phone number
Let me know what you want to order/color/how many

I will provide you with the total cost with shipping.

I will send out your order and you will be a happy comfy rider.

Offer is limited to the stock on hand and is provided on a first come first served basis.

Seats shouldn’t be a problem as I have 500 Street and Freeride in stock.

You never know what extras you will find in the box when it arrives but you know for sure that all orders come with Halloween treats.

Your order will be delivered to the post office in a vintage big black 22 foot long 1973 Cadillac Hearse.

If you have any other questions, let me know.



i want to move to canada

Will there be a discount if we order any other items as well?


i did.

(for college)

If we ordered an 07 kh seat recently and you have not shipped it by the 31st do we get to pay the sale price?

Bah! Why not have the Trials uni up there to?

He might be out of them:( im not sure though…

$487.37 isnt too bad, so I dont mind opaying for that form UDC, and shipping from Canada and boarding charges may not make the price any lower.

This sale sounds awesome though.


If you do, let me know.
I will give you a deal for sure.


I’m sure I can work something out for you.
Email me


Sure can. I will give you the Halloween price.


timbob1907 is right, I’m sold out of the 2005 KH20 trials so I can’t list it.

There are no boarder charges at all. I ship to the US everyday so don’t worry about that.

If you are interested in a 2007 KH20, send me an e-mail.
I will help you out.

Everyone else…

I just added a complete 2005 KH 150mm hub/crank set to the sale…
Only 169.00 US !

Have a scary day…

Ok, im sending about the 2007 KH now.

After seeing the price for that 2005 KH uni, I called my friend. he has the money for it already in the bank, and is very interested, and almost ready to buy it right now.

Can you post pictures, and details about the cranks? Are these the thinner cranks that bent really easily, or the thicker ones? I dont think he will be wanting to buy such a good uni for a great price, only to bend the cranks about a week later.

I just might have to get one of those seats…

I’ve heard good things about Darren but this is insane. I agree with iridemymuni, I really want to move to Canada. You Canadians and Americans are so lucky.


I might buy a saddle after I didn’t win one bowling. So close… :stuck_out_tongue:

[EDIT] Just read it again…

Greetings unicyclists…

Just a reminder that the annual Bedford Halloween Sale will start in about 11 hours. It is a one day sale that features discounted unicycles and seats.
2005 KH24, KH29 unicycles and 150mm hub/crank sets.
2007 Freeride and Street seats !

As long as the order arrives sometime on October 31, it will be given at the sale price.

MUST have Halloween Sale in the description line.

Watch for the freebies that arrive with each order !

Happy Halloween,

how exactly would I pay you, via check?

Dang I need to buy something now!

But I don’t have anything to buy… :astonished:


Yeah. I always pay him with a check. A money order might work too, ask him in your email if you are buying stuff.

Darren,I had called and talked with you on the phone about a month ago. I asked you about specific current prices on the '07 KH and a BC, and told you I was ready to buy both as soon as you would get back to me with a total cost including shipping. This was basically about whether you could beat UDC’s prices, (and because UDC doesn’t carry your BC/plates) which you said you probably could. I waited for you to get back with me asap, but I never heard from you. Hmmm. Anyway, I ended up buying both elsewhere because I couldn’t wait forever! :slight_smile: