Bedford 20" Monty trials

Hello all,

I just bought a 20" Monty trials uni from Darren Bedford. This is my first trials unicycle, and its only my second unicycle ever, so this wont be a very good review. So far I have only tried it for about two hours (last night when I got it). So far it seems great! I’ve done a few small drops (2’). I cant think of anythink else to say at the moment. Oh yeah, the delivery was good. I put the cheque in the mail last Thursday, and the unicyle got to me by Wednesday.

Customer Service: Darren seems to be a great guy. I emailed him many times and he was very helpful. I will enjoy doing more business with him in the future.

Here is a gallery with some picks that I took of it right after I unpackaged it. I dont have any pics of me riding it yet though.

Here are the pics

Any one else who has this uni should post some stuff about it.


2nd that!

Man oh man :slight_smile:

I never thought Trials would consume my thoughts like it has. Thanks Darren!

This is holding up great, even the Lasco’s are stayihg put - 3 foot drops often

Cool, how much was that uni?

Bedford has a price list on his site . Darren’s also real good on replying to e-mail inquiries.

Is the hub/crank splined?

there is that option, should you wish

correction on my first reply to this topic…the cranks aren’t lasco, only the dust caps are

Do you know how much it is with splined crank/hub by any chance?

N/M I e-mailed him and found out, it’s around 500 cnd for KH splined, and around 750 cnd for profiles.