Bedford 19" Trials Wheelset

Does anyone know anything about how good this is. Is it splined, what type of rim. If you have pics I would greatly appreciate it.

Why dont you ask Darren Bedford for the answers of these questions?

Sorry for my english

Yeah sorry about that, I just emailed him, thank you.

Darren sells lots of trials wheels. I dont know if there is a specific “Bedford trials wheelset” but he has profile, KH and stuff like that. Look at his pricelist or send him an email.

On the pricelist it does say he has a bedford wheel set for 135

The price is $135 CAD, so it probably isn’t splined. I think that is around $110 USD. Thats about the price of an Alex DX32, Spokes, a Maxxis tier, and a Suzu hub.

oh okay