Bed riding

That looks like a nice, soft place for you to land on your neck. Are you cleared to ride yet? How’s it feeling?

i’m clear to ride. haven’t put much time into the uni lately. it’s sitting in the car with a flat. :frowning:
i actually need to sell this damn freestyle uni, it’s just not my style. once i do that i’ll probably scoop up a KH 20 or 24 to ride. I think I’ll probably do the 24" so I can do Muni/trials, but until then… not doing much riding.

Shameless plug:
For sale:
20" Semcycle XL, real pretty! Low miles.

how much are silling to sell this uni for?

Glad to see your neck is better and you can ride. I hope you get to riding soon as well. And be careful!

i was wondering where you were.i have a nice KH20 frame for sale.i think thats more your style right?$200 bucks for a four hundred dollar frame aint

Check your PMs.


i have no PM’s :frowning: :thinking:

Forgot to click send :frowning:

awh,there it is.its not the answer i was hoping for but oh well :slight_smile: