Because I like complaining

Well today I was watching tv and flipping my cell phone around and I dropped it and the screen half of the phone fell off.(flip phone). So that means I have to buy a new one. Also about half hour ago I went to take my retainer out of my pocket and I found out it is broken into 3 pieces.

New Phone: >$100
New Retainer: $140
Losing the money I had saved
up to get a new kh trials in one week: priceless

This has all made me very mad. I think I will go outside and ride my uni.

now where is that hilarious wrong forum picture thing?

ps. that really sucks…




So don’t get a new phone who needs to call you or who do you need to call?

Get your priorities straight!!!

You’re 13 what’s more important a new unicycle or a cell phone?

Definately new unicycle is more important. But since my parents bought me the phone and service and I still have one more year on the plan I have no choice but to buy a new phone because my parents will make me.

I’m 17 and I have no need for a phone, if someone wants to contact me, it’s through MSN. If they don’t have MSN, they phone the house phone, otherwise I’m outside which means I’m busy with something else other than talking on the phone.

Screw the phone.

there’s a thread for complaining already. just post there.

i talk on the phone while i unicycle

Shouldnt you have some insurance policy on your retainer?

Your 13, you dont need a phone, the only reason plausible to have a cell phone at your age is for your parents to be able to contact you, other than that, it is just to talk to friends and for ‘emergencies’.

I dont want, or need a cell phone, too much money to buy the thing, and I dont wanna pay the monthly bill to talk to people. If people wanna contact me, they leave a message at my house, or on MSN, or an e-mail. If I am outside doing something, the last thing I want to do is to be disturbed by my little phone going off and having me stop from what I am doing to be annoyed by whoever is calling me.

The retainer I can see why you would wanna get that, but the phone you can hold off on.

And your parents can not make you get a new one, and if you really want the new uni, you’ll be holding off spending 100 dollars for a tiny phone. =p

My girlfriend bought me a mobile telephone.
After a few weeks I turned it off and hid it under the stairs.