Beautiful Fall Colors on 16 Mile Coker November ride

Here are some pictures from my 16 mile Coker ride yesterday in the Forest. This is from McArthur Woods and Daniel Wright Forest Preserve. The leaves were absolutely beautiful. See for yourself. This is about 40 miles north of Chicago.
Pictures were taken by my daughter.

Those pics make me miss autumn back home in PA. Trees here in Texas don’t really change color :frowning:

Lovely photos. Lovely Autmn colours. And you’re colour co-ordinated!

Really nice pics

I grew up in CT. I’m happy now just to see it cooler here. I wish I was there,such a fine time of year, but in a couple of months, I will be glad I’m here!

My garden is just starting to take off. Free veggies until June ! Then the sun becomes so intense here that the garden dies, and I ride only late afternoon or night, and sweat like a waterfall. No leaves for me, but I’m happy.

Nice post !:slight_smile:

Nice pics.

THAT is Autumn. :slight_smile:

Nice! I miss MN fall colors!

Nice, I didn’t think there were still “fall colors” left anywere. Ours blew away loong ago and it’s turned to winter colors.