Beautiful Day (beginner video)

My brother, sister, girlfriend and myself on a Saturday afternoon in February (mixed with a few older scenes). Nothing too spectacular, just having fun - we are still newbies :). My girlfriend tried riding my 24" qu-ax muni for the first time (usually rides a 20" discounter uni), and my sister took her new nimbus 24" for a first ride (she also learned on a 20" discounter uni the weeks before). This makes my brother and myself the “more experienced” riders :p.

Hope you like it!

Cool video!:slight_smile:

Nice, congrats! I like the beginner vids since I am one too lol.

Nice video. I love watching newbie vids especially when everyone is having so much fun. It looked cold out there though!

Thanks for the feedback! With all the pro videos here I almost hesitated a bit to post a beginner video ;). It was actually one of the warmer (and almost snow-free) weekends in February, the next day it was snowing like crazy again.

I also have two older videos on my yt account, showing early off road riding attempts and a snow riding video :).