beautiful colloured uni

OMG first post about me and not my bro lol
I keep on seeing colourful unis on youtube and stuff and i cant find that stuff anywere and when i mean coloured i want fluresent yellow can someone give me a link to somewere that sells things like rims in that colour?


thnx for trying but i need 20" and 16" rims not 19"
thnx again

19’’ virtually IS a 20’’. Their really similar i would think. I actually think a 19’’ rim is made for a 20’’ tire? idk. Just my take on it. I have a 20’’ maxxis CC on my 19’’ nimbus rim.

i still need a 16" in fluresent yellow or neon green

Get some floresent paint, and spraypaint a few coats on the rim. Tape over your spokes, or unlace you wheel set, and paint the baby.

That way, you could get the color you really wanted. If the rims powder coated, you’d wanna sandblast your rim. I’d say just sand it down a bit if anything, paint on a few coats. Or just go ask someone else on the forums that knows more about painting rims, or search for a thread that specifies it.

I dont think you can get them, so you’ll have to paint it. But remember, Koxx are the kings of colours… they change colours, not parts! Still cool though.

19" is trials tires only. Your Maxxis CC is technically a 19" trials tire, but it’s so close to 20" that people just loosely call it that. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me, but 19" is made for 19" trials-only.

19" and 20" rims are totally different, and not compatible in any way, you cannot swap rims and tyres of these two sizes. The 20" and 19" bit is confusing, because in the bike industry they’re all labelled 20", with the distinction beign made by BMX (conventional 20") and mod (19" trials equipment). Some tyres, like the maxxis max daddy, are made in both sizes. All good trials unis, such as KH, KOXX, Qu-Ax, Nimbus etc. are 19", as good trials tyres are only available in this size.

does that mean my KH20 07 is a 19" uni? why is it called a kh20? :S

The simple answer: because it is.

It is just known as that. To add to this, I think if you measure your trials rim it isn’t even 19", as it is known.

Because the effective diameter is 20". The bike industry labels rims by what the effective diameter would be if the rim had a 2" wide tire on it. So 20" rims are really 16" in diameter and 19" rims are really 15" in diameter. You can’t find a 2" wide tire that fits a 19" rim, they only have 2.5" wide tires, so to “simplify” things (confuse noobies) people just call wheels with either 20" rims or 19" rims 20" wheels.