Bearings Question

I broke the bearings on my Sun unicycle that i learned to ride on. I am not sure of wht size bearings I need to replace it. It is a 24" Sun unicycle and the bearings are totally shot. I’m just wondering if anybody knows the size bearings that I need. Thanks.

This should be a standard 6203 sealed bearing. They are 17mm ID, 40mm OD, and 12mm thick. See if it there is a 6203 somewhere on the bearing in tiny print. Any automotive outlet should have these for $5 or less. A bearing outlet will certainly have them.

yer just take them into a bearing shop and ask for 2 new ones

they will read whats on the bearings and get you the exact same ones.

Hey thanks. I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue what size to get because i broke them into a million pieces

thanks me and my freind fixed his unicycle and he can now ride it again