Bearings for my Yuni MUni

I’ve got a 26" Yuni MUni that I got from around July. It was making a clicking sound, so I got it checked out and I guess the left bearing is a little rough from normal wear and tear, but It works ok. I was thinking that I might as well start looking for new bearings, because I haven’t used the unicycle all THAT much and if the bearings are going already…So to my question I suppose. What bearings would all you excellent unicyclists recommend for a somewhat decent price? Which bearings will fit my unicycle? Thanks


Are you sure its the bearings making the clicking?

It could be loose spokes, your cranks may be a tad loose, it could even be reflectors on your pedal coming loose and clicking every now and then when your pedaling.

I am pretty sure Yuni uses 40mm bearings.

yeah, if you have the yuni with the profile hub the bearings are 40mm.

Thanks for the quick replies! I’m pretty sure its the bearing 'cause the bike shop guy said the bearings on the left side were really rough compared to the right side and the left side is making the clicking. I’m pretty sure the cranks are snug, but I’ll definitely check the spokes and reflector.

This is my MUni----->

Thanks, I’ll look into some 40 mm bearings…

The bearings for that uni are 17 x 40 x 12, and are usually designated as “6203RS.” If you look on eBay, there’s a guy, irvineman, who sells bearings for very little money (something like $15 for ten, incl. shipping). I just picked up some for my hub from him. Here’s a listing to check out. FWIW, it looks from the listing like that’s a common bearing size used in ATV wheels, so you could try a motorcycle shop.

<threadjack>Not to start a firestorm or anything, but the bearings he sells are probably made in China and of a lower quality than if you buy American-made bearings. But my local bearing shop wanted $60 for just two of the bearings I needed, and then proceeded to lecture me a bit on the consequences of buying foreign-made products when I asked if they had any products more reasonably-priced than that. Anyway, I tried to buy local first, but then went eBay instead. </threadjack>