Bearings cleaning - help needed

Good day to everybody and happy new year! :smiley:

I have question regarding bearings - how often and how do you clean them?
Which lube or grease do you use? (I have some b*ke chain lube and Shimano green grease).
My enviroment is dry but with lots of sand and dust.

Bearings (QuAx alumuni 26") with dust seals and they are in sand. I cleaning them but it feels that they moving much harder then before. It seems to me that I will not be able to install dust seals back if remove them.

Could you please share with your experiance?

Thank you in advance!

So you are saying your dust seals are’nt sealed?
Maybe time for new bearings?

I use WD40 a lot to get dirt and especially corrosion off (ISIS bearings seem to do that pretty fast!).

I am not quite sure because seals still on its place and I can not see what is inside… External part is all in sand. If I spin bearing it stops after ~1 rotation :frowning:

wd40 is not great as a lube

take your wheel off and using a stanley knife or other fine tip blade prise out the dust seal from the outside edge, then using some nice thick grease repack them and push the seals back in so they sit under the lip of the inner and outer bearing race. For a proper job use a bearing puller to remove them from the axle and take both seals off degrease the bearing and repack with grease and refit. However it is easier to junk and fit new ones which are cheap as chips. If your bearings feel like crap the damage may have already been done.

The bearings are not made to last offroad with dust seals rather than bike hubs which have labrynth seals. Here in the wet muddy uk I replace my bearings every 6 months as it only takes a few minutes to do and costs £9

So… Looks like I have to find bearing removing tool and order some new bearings.
Thank you for advice!

It cost nothing to pop the seals and pack in new grease and it may smooth things out for a while, but having a puller and an old cut off of seat tube to remove and fit new bearings is a must for any uni toolkit.

Another thing to check is how tight your bearing csps are done up, if they are too tight it will accelerate bearing failure and make the wheel nor spin freely. :slight_smile:

Have any of your munis been used as much as 2 x 6 months?

Lol I have only been riding 11 months so no but I have owned lots of Unis :wink:

My main hub has moved over a few itterations of Unis and the bearings on my kh24 died in a short space of time. That is with re-greasing every now and again

The trails get flooded in sections so my bearings spend time underwater on some rides so get knackered pretty quickly.

Using some time only for cleaning… I have good Sh!t remover anyways :smiley:

All my tools are from MTB repairs, so these two items are missing…

About tighting of bearing cups not sure at all. They are not overtighten but can not tell 100% sure due to torc wrench missing :frowning:
I tighten cups then checked wheel to spin freely. Untighten a bit - looks pretty good :smiley:

That’s all you need to do, tighten them equaly and spin the wheel, it should spin for a while before stopping but without the bolts being too loose, you can put some thread lock on them to makes sure they don’t come loose


Okay - I’ve done right :smiley:

Looks like these bearings are cheeper and shuld fit.

Do not see any pullers with my size…yet.

you can get cool splitter/pullers but I just use a cheap three legged puller

Just mace sure you put something on the end of the axle so as to not damage the crank bolt threads

I checked on eBay and cheapest one costs ~$76 ($25,99 + $50,60 shipping) and all of them are wrong sized. I will see if I can find it in local shops :o

Just for the record, in case there is confusion of my advice:

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These are interesting. The specification appears to be right but ISIS unicycle bearings are a none standard size and made especially for unicycles. I did not know of any being used in any other application. I also can not see where these bearings would be used in a remote control car.

Looks like they used in PTO, gearboxes and some small moving mechanisms. Found them in maintenance part books for different equipment.
I am not sure but can they be different quality?

I ordered pair of that from eBay - will see what is that :smiley:

There are different quality of bearings, but there is not much difference in them and I am certain they will do perfectly if they do fit. The KH and Nimbus ones got upgraded a few years back to increase their ability to deal with the lateral forces. Although… I struggle to tell the new ones from the old ones it is so subtle!

Sounds good. To be sure I will order one more pair from :roll_eyes: