Bearing troubles

I’m not sure if there is a thread of this already or not, but I thought I’d post anyway:
The last few times I’ve gone out on my 24" nimbus muni, I’ve noticed some horrible screeching noises coming from the bearings. The bearings themselves seem fine, as in they spin ok without any noise, but the problem is that the bearing seems to be coming off the axle and taking the frame with it pulling it into my cranks. I tried to re-seat the bearing and that worked for a while, but today after a few hours of not-too-aggressive riding, the same problem cropped up again. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated. This same thing also happened to my Nimbus nightrider a few days after I got it, but after sending back to UDC for repairs, I’ve had no trouble.

Try removing the bearings, cleaning the surfaces, and reinstalling using some Loc-Tite sleeve retainer on the hub/inner race. That should keep them in place.

This is usual with KH hub using original bearing from QU-AX with blue sealing. Kris Holm told me that this is not a concern coming from the hub but from the QU-AX bearing quality (Russian production). So he decided to manufacture his own bearings to solve it (KH ISIS bearings have green sealing). I guess this is same for Nimbus hub as it’s the same as KH one except brand name and flanges holes.

How tight have you tightened the bolts holding the bearing housings together? The bearings housings are not supposed to touch each other, there is supposed to be a small gap between them.
Is there a spacer between the cranks and the bearings?


Doesn’t removing the bearings pretty much wreck them?

…you should probably buy new ones.

Thanks for the feedback, all.
Jim: The housing do have a bit of space between them, but I don’t have spacers.
I’ll try setting the bearing back on with a spacer.