Bearing spacing on Nimbus Eclipse

I orderd this uni. It says it’s for ‘stand up and foot out’ skills, and that it’s very lightweight, and that it has reduced bearing spacing for better spinning stability.

Does this mean I will have less room to stand on my cranks because they will be tucked in so close to the wheel?

What does this mean, how does it affect freestyle and flatland, and if it does negatively, is it fixable?

The hub on the Eclipse is 92mm wide (bearing to bearing) versus the standard 100mm. I imagine the frame has to be about 8mm narrower to allow it. This won’t really affect your ability to stand on the cranks, but it appears to be a unicycle for freestyle, not flatland. The narrower hub will result in (hopefully) less of a wobble as the wheel turns. If you consider… having the mass of the cranks/pedals closer to the middle will reduce the Q factor you experience while riding.

I hope this helps. That unicycle looks sweet. I’ve always wanted a freestyle uni but I seem to be able to do tricks well enough on the KH20. Although I imagine it helps to make the tricks look cleaner. Additionally, shorter crank arms mean less of a leg arc… which I’m sure helps a lot for stability.

This uni has an aluminum hub, so it’s not for trials or flatland unless you’re staying on the pedals and the uni is staying on the ground.

Think freestyle, like indoors, grace, ballet, not grinds and drops.