Bearing Size on Coker V2?

Anybody know the bearing size on the Coker V2? Is it 40mm like on the Nimbus?

Also, does anybody know if Coker sells their parts (like the frames) separately? For example, if I wanted the V2 frame alone but want to put a Stealth Pro rim and Nightrider wheel on it from UDC?

I believe the bearing size on the V2 is 40mm.

I support this assumption. As far as I know all cotterless uni hubs are 40mm.

Thanks for the replies. I figured it would probably be the 40mm.

ShannonG–you ordered your V2 by phone, right? What’s Coker’s number? I’m having no luck getting a hold of them through their “Contact” link to ask questions…my questions keep getting returned to my email as undeliverable. Not sure how it’s undeliverable, since I’m just filling out their “contact us” form through their website. Anyway, I’d like to call to find out about getting just the V2 frame. I’m thinking a V2 frame with the new Stealth Pro rim and Nightrider tire might make a nice uni, just don’t know if Coker will sell individual parts.

Personally I think you would be better off with the aluminum big one frame rather than the beastly heavy V2.

I was going to say that you would probably be better off with a Nimbus frame. But then if you were getting a nimbus frame and the stealth pro rim and nightrider tire that would be easy and make sense. Whenever someone has an obvious easy sensible option but they want something else they have obviously found something they want.

I am the same way, I am planning on getting a new wheel for my 26" MUni. I want a wide, drilled rim, ISIS hub and 160mm cranks. The obvious choice is getting a Koxx Trackmonster wheelset from Devision8 for $255 but I am going to go with an Echo/Nimbus setup which will cost me a bit more, be a bit heavier, and I have to wait for parts to be sent to the store from the factory, and I will have to get parts from multiple supliers. Why would I do this? I think what I will get will be stronger more compatible with other parts and more unique. There is something cool about riding something that you know is one of a kind. I think this is sort of what you are doing with your 36er. Good luck with your build!

Agreed, and thanks.

I’m not set on anything yet for sure, just tossing around some ideas. Even though a lot of people on this forum have commented about how awful the V2 frame looks, I really like the look of it while I loathe the Nimbus frame. I would have a hard time purchasing the Nimbus 36" without taking it immediately to get it re-powder-coated anything but light blue. The design doesn’t turn me on either, although I know it is well-designed for stability. It’s just not my thing. I would consider the Big One before the Nimbus, but still prefer the design of the V2 to the Big One by a long shot. But then I want the 36-spoke rim rather than the 48-spoke rim that comes with the Cokers. It just doesn’t seem like I’m going to get quite what I’m looking for unless I do it myself. The extra 731 grams weight (1.61 lbs) of the V2 over the Nimbus frame is unappealing, but those who have commented on the V2 so far have not had anything bad to say about the extra weight, so…still have to give it some thought.

Their phone number seems to be hidden. If you click on either unicycle, from their home page, then click “order now.” Now, if you look towards the bottom of the page, there is a link for “terms and conditions,” click on that and you’ll find the elusive phone number. Here it is: 1-866-591-3419.

Good luck!

It seems weird to want that frame. I know Ken Looi and Sam Wakeling and they both seem to be pretty obsessive about weight, and both are jolly fast riders. Sam was saying at the weekend that he’s planning to drill holes in his rim to reduce weight, hoping to get hold of a lighter frame. I think neither of them use the T7 bar either.

If you are calling them to ask about frames, you could ask about the aluminium coker frame too, as to whether that’s available separately, as I know a few people are interested in getting hold of one of those.


That is EXACTLY why I went with the V2. I prefer the look of the V2 over the Nimbus frame. I don’t like the light blue, either. However, I did hear that UDC is coming out with a new color choice very soon. So, you’ll have to consider that, too. I’m not too excited about the 48 spokes or the button tire, but it’s not that bad. I guess if I were planning on doing centuries every week or so, then I would probably switch out the rim with my airfoil rim and TA. We’ll see what Coker has to offer with their new XLR tire. I tend to ride no more than 30-40 miles at a time. I’m also not too excited over the New Big One. It’s really nice that it is a “whole” 3lbs lighter than the V2, but I wanted a different look and I’m a little concerned about the aluminum frame. Obviously, I’m biased, but I would say for the money and for the design, I would go for the V2 over the Nimbus. I’ll try and give you an exact weight comparison (between the Coker Deluxe with the Airfoil rim and the V2) later on today if I get over to the bike store. Good luck on your decision. I’m sure you’ll be happy with either one. I don’t think there is a bad choice!


I called, but the sales guy I talked to sounded like what he was looking at was hardly any different than the order page from Coker’s website. After several minutes of pulling things up on his computer, he said it looked like the Big One frame may be available for purchase without brake bosses for $240, but the V2 frame did not appear to be available alone. He wasn’t real sure about any of it though. I have a feeling that if you knew who to talk to, it wouldn’t be hard to get. I just don’t know who to talk to.

“Parts” availability from Coker

I just wanted to try and clarify a few things for you guys. Individual components such as frames and wheelsets are not currently offered for sale from Coker Cycles. Our focus is on providing complete unicycles and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. The only “parts” that are currently sold separately are tires, tubes and rimstrips. In April, the new Ribbed XLR tire as well as our touring handlebar will also be added to the list of items that can be purchased individually.

If you have any questions concerning the new V2 or Big One unicycles, please contact me directly at

Senior Product Manager
Coker Cycles

Thanks very much for the update. Any chance we could see a pic of the XLR tire?

Weight - Orig. Coker vs. V2

Okay, I went to Performance Bicycles and they weighed both the Original Coker and the V2 w/brake setup.

The Orig. Coker with an Airfoil rim and a TA tire weighed in at 18.47 lbs. (this had a computer and a very light bottle cage on it).

The V2 with the brake setup weighed in at 19.72 lbs.

A 1.25 lb difference.

I hope this helps!

Let’s put the pressure on Coker to post some pictures!!!

I know, what’s the big deal! I called Coker today and the gentleman on the phone said that he would ask if they could put one up on their website. I want to see the Coker handle, so I can compare it the T7. I also would like to see the XLR tire before I purchase another TA. I’m going to keep on bugging them. Maybe, if they get enough pressure from everyone, they’ll place a picture on their website or post it here.

Come on everyone, let’s all give them a call! As a matter a fact, let’s all call them everyday! :wink: 1-866-591-3419

Thanks ShannonG. That’s good to know. And thanks for getting Coker’s number. I knew I had seen it before but couldn’t figure out how to find it again. Businesses have really come to like the internet, and it seems almost impossible to be able to get phone numbers for many businesses anymore.

That’s very unfortunate.

Anybody want a Coker wheelset, seatpost, and saddle?

You know, I wouldn’t sell any of those items. The wheelset is actually really nice, you could just use it as an extra, for more offroad riding. I think you could take apart the saddle and purchase an air pillow. You might be able to re-staple the cover back on or if you can’t, just purchase a new Kris Holm Fusion saddle cover. That should work.


By the way, this afternoon I emailed Kendall to ask about pictures of the XLR tire and handlebar. If you want to see pictures, I would suggest doing the same. I also called Coker and asked Mark the same thing. He said he would ask Kendall. I’ll let you know when Kendall replies. Shannon

I’m a bit disappointed with the v2 frame spec

Because of triangulation, I thought that thinner tubes would be used for the v2, making it a stronger and affordable design, and about the same or less weight.

The double whammo of greater cost and an extra pound plus, is disappointing.

The road tests aren’t in, perhaps this frame may have a saving grace, but I doubt it.

The number of 36 riders breaking frames, and clamoring for a heavier frame is small. If anything, the crazy 36 riders want lighter. An alum KH 36.:slight_smile:

The advance brought by the more expensive and heavier v2 isn’t going to sell well IMHO. Even if it’s stronger…where’s the market ?

Maybe it’s all a marketing ploy. There is a logic to most business marketing decisions. Perhaps we will be blown away with an alum v2 soon.

I don’t really believe that the chro mo v2 frame needed to weigh that much. Chro- moly is great stuff, done right IMHO. It’s not the metal, it’s the execution IMHO.

It is all fine and good if you love the v2 looks. Buy a collectors item, as long as that is what you want.

I suspect Coker already knows this. The big alum one will outsell the v2, 20 to one , more or less. Based on cost and general perception of value.

It’s a flip on the Nimbus (steel, strong, affordable) vs. KH- Koxx One (alum- strong- light -more $) market that we are used to.

The v2 is the only heavier, steel, more costly , biggest looking uni available ! The Harley market LOL! :slight_smile: Laugh all you want, but Harley is one of the most analyzed and copied marketing concepts ever. HD beats the crap out of those alum loving Japs in the yuppie wannabe showroom. :sunglasses:

The logic of the v2 appears to be more about marketing then regular uni design IMHO.

The name …v2 . Heavy, real steel, more dollars. Harley !:wink: