Bearing Rust Prevention?

Any recommendations on how to prevent Bearing Rust? My Muni, and all three of my daughters unis are rusting around the bearings.

We never leave them out in the weather. We always dry them after creek rides, or riding in the rain, but the bearing is a very hard place to dry.

Any way to prevent this? Thanks in advance. --chirokid–

Re: Bearing Rust Prevention?

Stop doing creek rides. :slight_smile:
Riding through water like that is bad for the hub bearings and the pedal bearings. It washes away the grease in the bearing and lets water and dirt in. Creek rides equal lots of uni maintenance and shortened lifetimes for the bearings.

From an environmental standpoint riding down the bed of a creek is also very bad for the creek bed. It disturbs the bed of the creek and the little critters that live there. Riding down the bed of a creek is one way to get bikes (and unicycles) kicked out of an area. You can ride across a creek to get to the other side but don’t ride down the length of a creek bed.

I spread waterproof grease on the outer surface of my muni bearings. This is to help keep the outer surface of the bearings and inside surface of the bearing caps from rusting. That’s about all you can do to protect them from rust. Reapply the grease when it washes away.

i don’t think there is really a need to worry about it. it’s jsut surface rust, and the bearings still spin freely. I doubt the bearings will rust-bond to the frame.

Sofa, my only problem with the rust is that it drips off “rusty water drops” on my spokes, rim and (worst of all), my wife’s kitchen floor. --chirokid–

You don’t wash your MUni in the bathtub, do you? :frowning:

Brian (sofa)
Bathtub ?
I bring mine in the shower with me :wink:

I also use the shower nozzle, but the porcelain white thing that the uni is laying in is called the bath tub. (i’m not in the shower, i have a flexible hose/nozzle)

I don’t bathe with the unicycle, I think the bubble bath may ruin the bearings

On our club unicycles and my daughter’s, the rust is coming through the cheap chroming job of the frame and the bearing. When assembling a uni of when I have a opportunity to take the wheel off a I put some heavy grease on the bearing casing and the frame bearing housing. This helps.