bearing removal tools in the UK

I’m trying to remove my bearings.

Now cunningly I bought a 3 prong puller, as suggested by pretty much everywhere on the web.

It removed the pashley bearing holders fine, but the hook bits on the puller are too wide to fit behind the bearing.

I’ve now been to 6 different shops and tried lots of different ones, 2 and 3 legged, but it seems to be the same for all of them. I also tried a small puller, designed for removing battery connections or something, but that didn’t have enough reach to go past the hub. Oh and a hacksaw, but the bearings seem to be harder than the hacksaw blade.

I’ve also been to a couple of bike shops but they don’t have a clue how to remove it.

Its a suzue hub with 35mm bearings, so I can’t use the DM 40mm remover. If possible I’d prefer something that can remove 40mm bearings too because I need to put a different frame on.

Anyone know exactly the tool I want and where I can get it?


You can grind down the arms of a 2 or 3 legged bearing puller to give you more clearance. Find a bench grinder and make some sparks.

When I took my Pashley to a bike shop to replace the bearings the bike shop had to grind down the arms of their bearing puller to be able to reach behind the bearing lollipops. This was before I had the tools to do it myself so I had to take my uni to the bike shop to get the bearings replaced.

I agree with john. I must say that when I removed my 35mm bearings from my suzue hub I used 2 different bearing pullers. First I used a crappy 2 prong thin arm bearing puller to give the bearing enough clearance for the real 3 arm thick armed bearing puller. I reccomend getting different arms for the puller, or just using a bench grinder. The new arms may be more expensive but It’ll also be easier on the bearings, because then you’re assured an even plane of contact. Also, try and use 3 prongs because that’s easier on the bearings. Or just improvise.

Re: bearing removal tools in the UK

joemarshall <> wrote:

> I’m trying to remove my bearings.
> I’ve also been to a couple of bike shops but they don’t have a clue how
> to remove it.

We got a bike shop to change Pauls Pashley bearing by leaving the uni with
them and saying - change those bearings for these! I think they used a
head set press to put the new ones on, so that might be an avenue worth
At College I used a serious bearing puller to get a motor bearing off. It
had shallow () shaped plates that had to be slipped behind the
then bolted
on with long studding style bolts to the more conventional looking
puller centre bit, kind of like DMs one but built to fit a wide range of
bearings. A company that maintain industrial motors might be worth a try.

Good luck

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Does it really matter how hammered the bearings get when you pull them off? Several mechanically minded types have told me that you shouldn’t re-use bearings which have been pulled, because they get distorted/out of alignment in the removal process.



after asking some handy car mechanics I know what I need.

The little () shaped bits Sarah was talking about are called bearing separators and you can buy them in kits with the puller arms included. I just have to get to the shop that sells them now.

The only help bike shops were was to suggest ways of damaging the hub. One guy suggested I try hammering the axle out of the hub which was a particularly good one.


Machine Mart sell a good range of bearing pullers. Stores everywhere and on-line. Using a press is by the best way, though.