Bearing Question

Hey guys,

Sorry if this is really dumb, but I’ve broken my bearing and need to get it off. The prooooblem is that I haven’t got a bearing puller. Is there a way i can take it off without one? It’s ruined, btw, so I guess it doesn’t matter if I break it. I just don’t want to damage my hub.


How is your bearing broken? if the outer race is split, and the inner race is stuck to the spindle you may be able to break it off with a cold chisel. You should be alright as long as you don’t mar the spindle in the process.

I had a puller and couldn’t shift mine

I used a 9" grinder with a thin 1mm cutting discto cut the outer race off, then I switched to a gring disk to grind a flat spot on the inner race you slowly keep going and you can see from the edge of the race how close you are to teh axle, when you get just ther the metal is so thin at that spot it gets tempered by the heat and changes colour at the thinest point, this is when you stop and prise it off with a screw driver as the metal will be chewing gum wrapper thin at that point and will brake allowing the race to come off very easily.

Go easy as you don’t want to mark the axle (although a little nic won’t do any harm as long as you rub any burs off)