Bearing problem: Stuck/Shifted bearing

So I was riding my uni yesterday and as I’m taking a break I see some shavings of powdercoat on my cranks and I see that my right bearing had shifted out and was almost hitting the cranks, this caused the lips of my yuni bearing holder to scrape the crank.

Normal :


Its quite stuck, I can’t move it with a screwdriver and a hammer. What shal I do?

is there a spacer there?

You can see the black spacer next to the hub, normaly the bearing should be touching that.

Thats so weird.

well theres to spacers on one side and only one on the other, unless thats the inside of the bearing. that would mean you’ve killed the bearing

could the metal have expanded due to heat?

your in cali rihgt? so its going to be hot

I think the part coloured in red has broken free


No…That metal sleeve you see to the left of the bearing and to the right of the shim is a sleeve that goes over the axle to get the bearing to fit. The ID of the bearing is bigger than the axle so it needs this.

Shouldn’t there be spacers between the crank and the bearing also? That way it cant move.

Well, i dont belive moment cranks extend farther over the spline, i may be wrong though, Can someone take a pic of thier moment crank on a moment hub for me? But even before i put another spacer on there, i need to move the bearing, its quite stuck right now.

Take the crank arm off, get a deep well socket that just fits over the axle and tap the bearing back down evenly. Using a screwdriver doesn’t put even pressure around it and will just tweak the bearing.

I don’t have a socket that big.

That looks like a KH Onza crank

Like my 05 KH24, and unlike my 07 KH20 (with the moment hub. So, if I am right, you can just take out the center axle Allen bolt, and remove the crank without a puller, as that should be a non tapered spline (unlike the tapered spline moments)
Find a pipe, buy- borrow a socket to drive the bearing back. It is important not to hit the outer race driving on the bearing, or it will be damaged.
Hows the bearing ? Does it turn smooth, or is it sticking ? One good thing about the older 05 hubs is that they use a standard bearing you can buy locally. A 20x42 I think. Just copy the # off the side of the bearing and work the phone. The new moments use a 22x42 which is a screwy non standard size (why couldn’t they pick the standard 22x44 ?). So in this case you should be in luck, and able to find the bearing at a parts store in your town.:slight_smile: Hopefully it turns smooth, and all you need to do is tap it back on. Don’t mess with the seal !

how about a pipe or any cylindrical piece of metal that size.

The bearing is perfectly intact. I’ve only riden the uni for like an hour. The bearing is just stuck on the outside of its sleeve.

I had a little problem with my right bearing slipping a bit to the outside too. I fixed it with a little piece from my seatpost (for a little time) and then Roger sent me some spacers for the KH.

I also asked Kris about what was going on, cause i thought they maybe forgot the spacers and so on.

Quote Kris:
The original prototypes for this hub did have a spacer. But with a tight press-fit and stiff frame, it did not seem necessary to have the spacer, so we took it out (ie. simpler = less parts to lose = lighter = better).

On my new wheelset (also KH 2007), i bought before FLUCK, theres no problem at all.

You could just get a spacer in there and the problem will be fixed.
Dont get a spacer thats too big cause you will destroy your crank or hub then, cause the crank seems to be tight on the hub but it isnt. Hope you know what i mean.

I guess you don’t have the KH Onza

I read in the uni thread about your setup. Those are Qu-ax arms. So it is good that your bearing is still happening. Hopefully you have a puller, you should need it to pull the crank arm. You could try (once the arm is off) to tap carefully around the inner race with a screwdriver. You must only hit the inner race, or it’s buggers. I would try to find a tube-socket of some sort, unless it goes back on real easy. Maybe a 25 mm seat post would work. I wouldn’t worry about spacers etc. now. Just put it back together and worry about it happening again if it does. Maybe you will luck out. Could have been caused by a loose bearing cap, or maybe it wasn’t pressed on far enough.

27mm seatposts work good to get the bearing back in place and as spacers :smiley:


yay :slight_smile: