Bearing Movement

Hey everyone,
i was just changing the tube in my koxx devil as i messed up the last one badly when i noticed that the bearings would move side to side. This is both the shiny silver looking rings and the black part just to the side of them (nearer the hub). i thought oh it wont matter once the frame is tightened in place but obviously the frame can still move side to side slightly is there a way to stop this and is it a problem?

i really don’t know much about bearings and hubs so your help will be appreciated.

i forgot to mention that it moves much more on one side than it does the other

What hub and witch frame are u riding? 'couse I’m riding a Nimbus hub with a KH 09/08 (cant remember) frame and my bearings did the same thing … after some time they moved so much out so i couldn’t ride my unicycle then i desided to put some spacers on so I cutted two small rings off and old seat post that fitted perfect on my hub so now I dont have any problem with my bearings anymore :smiley: (have got some new bearing now, the old set was very rusty)

i am using a koxx red devil with all the standard parts other than the seatclamp, saddle, pedals and paint.

so the trials 140 koxx cranks and i think it is the light hub

is there spacers on it?

I have a bit similar problem so I don’t want to start a new topic.

For a few weeks something was giving a metallic sound when I moved my uni quickly or drop from a curb or try to jump a bit. I had no time to dismount all the parts and everything was working well so I was riding. But two days ago I went out and uni was moving sideways very much. I got back home and one crank was moving.
I tried to tighten it but the screw was very tight. However, the spacer between the crank and bearing was moving freely.
I removed the cranks and spacers and it seems that one bearing moved about 2mm towards the hub. I see the spacer between the bearing and the hub is quite tight now.
On the other “the good” side, the spacer between the crank and the bearing is tight and the one between the bearing and the hub is quite loose.

What would you suggest?
My intention was to remove the bearing, put a bigger spacer between the hub and the bearing, then reinstall all the other parts and it should be nicely in place. Shall I put something under the bearing to avoid it moving around the hub?

It’s nimbus 29er with stock parts but KH Moment Twins cranks.