Bearing Housing Types?

I keep hearing about main-cap bearing housing. Are there any other types and if so, do they have any real advantages or disadvantages?

Also, are main-cap and end-cap ones part of the same style?

Andrew Carter

I often ask a question like this. There are main-cap and lollipop bearings. Main cap is what is on most unicycles. Lollipop is a much cheaper, and a lot worse quality that main-cap. I dont have any idea what lollipop looks like though, just main cap. A Savage has lollipop bearings i think.



I just looked at under “lollipop”. The difference is that lollipop has screws on the side that are apparently not very strong. Look at your unicycle at the end of the frame. See how it cuts off and then here is a peice that is a semicircle that you had to connect when you put it together? That is kind of unclear i know, but that is main cap. Lollipop is just a couple cheap screws.

Alright thanks for that.

I would say go for hte main-cap style for a trials Uni. they are a better hold on the bearings, and they tend to last longer.

Re: Bearing Housing Types?

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> I dont have any idea what lollipop looks like though, just main cap.

They look like this:

This also illustrates the main problem with the design and
a fix that’s been working for me (so far).

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